5 Great Reasons to buy Branded Caps

Thursday, 4 October 2018  |  Admin

Five reasons to buy branded caps - easy peasy!  Let's start with the obvious - if you print or embroider your business logo on some caps and hand them out, people will happily wear the caps.  These people are potential or existing customers who are prepared to advertise and market your business for free!  Not only this, but they'll do it over days, months & even years.

So that seems like a good enough reason already right...  so what else?

Caps are fun, and they come in loads of different styles and colours.  Truckers caps are really popular over at the moment, and provide quite a casual image projection.  If your business is more serious or smart, there are loads of smarter styles, and various plain colourways to choose from.  American style caps available in a range of colours and styles.  We have flat peak caps and snapbacks too.  The cap above is a 3818 premium american style snapback pro cap. 

Number 3 - any promotional material is going to raise your profile... caps, printed material, fun gifts, t shirts, sweets, stickers etc... all fantastic ways of promoting your business.  As long as you make sure your name is on them. Branding is the key. 

4 - did we say caps are fun?  Well they are also practical.  Great in the wind and rain, and also in the heat.  Make them part of your staff uniform and they'll be worn with pride. 

5 - People trust staff in a uniform, so wearing a branded cap can also boost your sales! People buy more stuff from businesses where the staff wear a uniform.  

Caps are perfect for showing off your logo.  Nothing beats a beautifully embroidered logo, and this is a lovely, traditional way to display a logo or brand on a cap.  Nowadays lots of our customers are preferring to print their logo on their caps.  We have a number of caps that are specifically suitable for printing.  It's a completely different look and totally depends on what kind of image you're after.

What we do know is that customised headwear is growing more popular with each year.  Customised baseball caps are an easy way to distinguish teams, groups, businesses and classes.  Ideal for conferences, trips, staff uniforms, sports events and much more.  

Let's not forget about the cost too.  Our customised caps are really low in price, and this can be surprising if you thinking of retail prices.  A nice embroidered cap will retail at £20 or even more.  Many of our caps can be designed, embroidered and delivered for about a tenth of that price.  It's unbelievable.  Such is the power of buying in bulk.

Printed t-shirts are another growth area in the promotional industry.  But these are much more expensive, and you'll still need to buy in bulk.

Large, bulk purchases of customised caps are favoured by top-end businesses with promotional budgets.  This tells us that they are great products, worthy of such investment.    

We love baseball caps, and could go on all day about these fantastic products.  If you fancy trying them out, we can send out samples upon request and provide free of charge artwork services if you need any help with your logo or design.  

Whatever you've got in mind, I'm confident we'll have a cap that will work for yousmiley.