CAP SPOTLIGHT - Brushed Heavy Cotton 4074 Caps

Friday, 5 October 2018  |  Admin

These 4074 brushed heavy cotton caps are beautiful looking customisable caps with their crisp sandwich trim and modest two striped peak.  These caps are ideal for branding with embroidery as seen in this example picture.  They'll  look amazing when customised with your brand or logo.  Embroidered caps are ideal for promotional events and for raising your profile throughout the year. 

The 4074 is a premium brushed heavy cotton cap with a sandwich trim and feature stripes on the peak.  It has 6 panels and is a structured cap which means it will retain its shape and is not suitable for squishing!  They provide a low profile, natural fit which will suit everyone.  

Each 4074 has a fabric strap and buckle at the back, to help with sizing and fit.  They come in a universal size which fits most adults.  These 4074 sandwich caps come in ten different colourways, enabling you to match your uniform or other branded goods. 

If you're after a traditional baseball cap with a slight sporty feel, this is a perfect cap for you. It also lends itself to uniform attire and would work really well with smart trousers and a polo shirt combo.  Ideal for staff and customers and perfect for branding and re-selling at events, or even giveaway with it's low unit price.

From £3.73 each embroidered (depending on the complexity of your logo) these caps represent excellent value for a branded, customised item.