Cricket Club Caps

Thursday, 3 May 2018  |  Admin

Embroidered cricket caps are perfect for all your team members, friends and supporters. We can customise your caps with your emblem,  sponsorship details and anything else you have in mind.   It's great for team members to wear matching caps before and after the match, as it helps to foster team spirit.  Wearing club caps in the local area will also help to raise awareness of the club and encourage new members to join.

Your supporters can also help by buying their own caps and wearing them in the crowd.  Everyone loves to support their favourite team, so this could also be a great way to raise extra funds for your cricket club.

At Promocaps we enjoy helping our customers with their logo, emblems and design.  Sometimes it's a case of reversing colours in order to achieve maximum impact from the embroidery, whilst still preserving the original logo.  Choosing which caps to embroider can seem difficult at first, especially as we have such a large range to choose from, but that's why we're here.  Tell us what you have in mind and we'll help you with some ideas. 

If you have a logo already, the best thing to do is to send it over to us at  You could also tell us about what kind of cap you'd like, and your colour preferences.   We'll get to work on your artwork and send you a free digital visual proof, giving you a good idea of how your embroidered cap will look.  It's surprisingly hard to imagine how branded items will look, and it's common to underestimate the impact of a logo on a product.  If we look around, we can see logos everywhere.  On our clothing, everyday items, cars, appliances, all around our homes, offices, literally everywhere!  And the logos have a powerful effect on us, changing the way we feel about those items. 

Adding your brand to a baseball cap will completely transform it from a nice looking plain cap into your own club cap.  It instantly becomes a representation of your club, everything it stands for, the reasons you play, watch and support the matches.  It becomes your team cap and when you wear it you'll feel a sense of belonging, and loyalty.  And this will make you feel good.  This is why people love customised, branded clothing and headwear.  Because it feels great to wear them! 

We have hundreds of customisable baseball caps, hats and beanies here at Promocaps, but if you have a look at our Cricket Clubs Section, we've selected our most popular cricket caps.