Printed and Embroidered Caps for Schools

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Embroidered and Printed Caps for Schools

Customised Caps for Schools

Embroidered caps are brilliant for educational establishments like schools, universities and colleges. Many of our branded cap customers supply their children and students with embroidered or printed caps for school sports teams and houses.  We can supply mixed coloured caps within one order, so you can have a different coloured cap for each team or house.  We can also supply different cap designs if you would like each year group to have a distinctive design.  We have lots of fun caps and we also have more sophisticated cap designs which may suit older children wanting to look more grown up than their younger peers.  We can help you with your branding design and logo, whether you're after a fun design, a more sporty look, or a smart logo.  The possibilities are endless and it's really surprising how different the same cap can look when it's produced in different colour ways, or embellished with different embroidery.   

Many schools buy embroidered or printed caps to give to each child as part of their school sports kit or uniform. Customised school caps are also really useful for distinguishing between different houses and teams during school sports events.  This is easily accomplished by choosing a 3 or 4 different coloured caps or different branding colours. Embroidered school caps are increasingly popular as they offer protection from the sun during outdoor events like sports day and they help to achieve a smart unified appearance across the school.  Children are never too young or old to wear an embroidered or printed cap!  

School uniform caps are also a very sensible addition to school uniforms during the summer months, as are school beanies during the winter.  Often schools request that children bring in a hat during the summer months for break-times and outside sports events.  Supplying school caps or beanies alongside other items of uniform can simplify this process and make it easier for parents to ensure their children have the appropriate headwear in school.  As well as promoting a smarter appearance for the whole school, embroidered or printed school caps and beanies can prevent the children from wanting to bring in expensive sports branded hats that may be lost at school. Supplying school caps can also stop children from worrying about who has the coolest or trendiest headgear.  As parents ourselves we are very familiar with this issue, having taken part in many discussions at home concerning which items are appropriate for school wear!  

Caps are fun to wear and are popular with both boys and girls of all ages.  There's no need to have different colours for girls and boys - the children can all have the same colour cap, unless you wish to provide different options as stated above.   Some of our schools buy all their caps in the same colour, and others choose to have different colours - this is totally a matter of individual preference and we are always happy to accommodate your needs.

Customised caps are a brilliant for school teams and are the perfect accessory for school sports kits. Embroidered team caps can help to encourage a real positive team ethos. Teams that look and feel like a team will in turn perform like a team.  Team colours and school colours can become a large part of children's perceived identity whilst at school and little added extras like school caps can really help the children both look and feel the part.  Our school customers understand how important this can be and often come back to us for more school caps for their new intake at the beginning of the school year.  Our embroidered brushed heavy cotton caps and printed heavy cotton sports visors are popular with our schools, but most of our baseball caps are suitable. Sizing can be a consideration, especially when buying for children and young people, so we are always happy to send out samples before an order is placed.  Most of our standard caps come in one size, with an adjustable strap, but we do also have specific children's caps and youth caps with age ranges specified within our product details.  

Wearing customised items like embroidered or printed caps can have a very powerful affect on individuals, and this can be extremely helpful within a school environment.  Wearing a personalised cap in their school colours can give students a real pride in their school or team.  It's a great way to encourage your children's best efforts and help them to feel a sense of belonging within their group.

Customised caps are also very popular with universities and colleges and make great additions to the usual freshers fair giveaways.  With students away from home, often for the first time, anything that will encourage them to feel part of their group can be very positive and reassuring. Embroidered and printed caps are perfect giveaways for anytime of the year and during the colder months we have found our beanie hats to be increasingly popular too. Embroidered beanies are especially suitable for sports teams that play during the winter months like rugby, hockey and football teams.  Customised team beanies make a very welcome addition to a team kit and will be most appreciated during winter training sessions!

Our embroidered caps and beanies are all low in price, allowing for a mark-up to be applied by yourselves.  This can be an easy way of generating funds for your school or club whilst still ensuring that parents can buy your customised caps at a more reasonable price than that available on the high street.  Our caps and beanies are all great quality and very durable, making them suitable for regular use over the long-term.

If you would like to find out more about our school caps and beanies, please have a look around our website and feel free to contact us if you have any questions - no matter how big or small.  We are always happy to help and we are really proud of our customised hats.  There is something really special about having your own customised school caps or beanies and we love hearing from our customers when they receive theirs.   In the meantime, thanks for visiting PromoCaps and we hope to hear from you soon regarding your school caps!