Our Customers - who are they & why buy customised caps & beanies?

Monday, 23 November 2015  |  Admin

Customised Caps & Beanies

Here at PromoCaps we are often surprised by the diversity of our branded cap customers.  We currently supply embroidered and printed caps and customised beanies to many different businesses and organisations across the UK.  And our customers all have one thing in common - they are buying branded caps and beanies for large groups of people.  Our clients sell and give away customised caps to their existing and potential customers, and in doing so they generate growth and increased profits for their businesses.  Customised goods are a brilliantly simple way to increase brand awareness and research shows that the most effective promotional goods are the ones that people keep hold of. Embroidered or printed caps and beanies are useful, high quality promotional products and definitely fall into the 'keep' category!  If we asked you to think about branded giveaways,  embroidered or printed caps or beanies might never cross your mind. But they should. 

Sometimes our customers are buying branded beanies and caps for their staff or existing members, which is a great way to promote their brand over the long term.  Branded caps and beanies make perfect gifts for new members when they join an organisation or club, and also make great additions to an existing clothing range for members to purchase.  Many of our customers run local sports clubs and buy customised caps and beanies for their members to wear to the club and during inter-club events.  This helps to promote the club in the local area and also provides members with a useful piece of kit to wear throughout the year. 

Many educational establishments such as schools and universities buy branded caps for their students each year, encouraging their new intake to feel a sense of belonging in their new surroundings.  In addition, we fulfil significant orders of customised caps to many larger businesses and corporations that buy branded, embroidered or printed caps and beanies to give away within the context of their wider marketing strategy. Customised giveaways are a longstanding method of increasing brand awareness and remain a very popular way of advertising over the medium to long-term. Embroidered caps have consistently been a favourite within the promotional industry and in recent years have been joined by the increasingly sought-after embroidered beanie hat, which is a particular favourite during the colder season - for obvious reasons!  Beanies are incredibly popular this year and are increasingly worn by all ages, much like caps have been for the last few decades! 

Custom Caps for retailers, businesses & organisations

Our customers are increasingly diverse and include those in the corporate world - one of our cap customers is a large insurance business.  We have also recently supplied customised embroidered caps and beanies for HM forces, and embroidered recycled caps for a supplier of equine supplements and treatments.  Other recent projects include supplying embroidered caps with LED lights to a large independent glazing business, printed truckers caps to a sports footwear and orthotics specialist, premium embroidered caps to an audio-visual equipment supplier and embroidered baseball caps to a shooting ground offering both individual shooting and corporate shooting days.  

To use the shooting ground as an example - customised, embroidered caps are just perfect for this kind of activity based business because each customer will enjoy wearing their embroidered caps during the day's activities.  The bonus of these customised caps is that the individuals get to keep their cap and be reminded of their fun day out every time they wear it again in the future.  And they are highly likely to wear their cap again because of the positive memory associated with it. In this way, embroidered and printed caps offer an almost guaranteed method of long-term advertising and promotion for your business.  If you offer any kind of active outdoor experience, one that your customers will want to tell all their friends about, then your clients should be leaving your premises wearing your branded goods.  Every time they wear their customised cap or beanie they are giving you free publicity.  And they will wear them, they always do! 

We have many regular branded cap customers including a large plant hire and sales corporation and a leading UK based shipping and transport solutions company.  These businesses recognise the need for their staff to look professional as they represent the company.  By supplying customised headwear they also benefit from the additional brand awareness that is created throughout the year.  

Other cap customers of ours include a large number of sports clubs, fun bars and clubs, university unions, schools, colleges and numerous retailers.  Buyers of customised caps really do come from all walks of life, and all kinds of industries.  But they all have something in common.  They want customised, quality headgear to give to their members and customers.

Interestingly, not all our client's businesses are based outdoors.  And branded caps aren't always intended to be worn during the event where they are given away. Branded caps are a very useful gift, making them incredibly likely to be kept for future use.  

Branded caps are a genius marketing tool and offer an instant compliment to the individual recipient because a cap is such a high quality gift. By giving your customer or potential customer a customised cap you are making it clear to that person that you think they are important to your business.  If you respect your potential customers enough to give them a quality promotional item, they will remember you long after they've forgotten all about your competition.