The History of Baseball Caps

Tuesday, 10 November 2015  |  Admin

Printed Baseball Caps

The first baseball caps were worn by the Brooklyn Excelsiors baseball team in New York, way back in 1860. They were softer in structure, with a shorter peak than we see today. These 'Brooklyn style' caps, as they became known, were the ancestors of modern caps and were increasingly popular by the 1900's. This softer cap was the predominant style right up to the 1940's when latex rubber was available to stiffen the inside of the cap. This subtle change marked the beginning of the structured baseball cap as we know it.

Fast forward 75 years and caps remain the epitome of cool headgear! Caps are now available in a vast array of colours, fabrics and fittings, but for the most part they remain faithful to their original design. Few products are lucky enough to achieve such longevity and worldwide popularity.

With their ubiquitous presence, caps remain one of the best ways to advertise. If you want to give away or sell anything with your branding on it, start with a cap. With research showing the most effective promotional items are kept by customers for years to come, choosing a cap is one of the best ways to achieve continual promotion. Caps have long lasting fashion appeal, they suit all ages and they are really useful. They provide protection against the elements in all seasons, have great durability and somehow always manage to stay in style. We don't know how they do it, but the diverse range of colours and styles available might have something to do with it!

If you're part of a team and want to encourage your members to really look the part, why not invest in a branded cap to enhance your team ethos?  Caps are also very popular with businesses and schools and are perfect for displaying group colours as well as helping to distinguish between different departments and roles.

There are many types of caps to choose from, with differences in material, structure and fit. Whatever you have in mind, we are sure to have a cap for you!