Why you should buy branded caps? The psychology of branded goods.

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Branded Caps

Why do people buy embroidered and printed caps?  What is it about caps that people love?

Our experience has taught us that people buy caps for many different reasons...

For some the reasons are practical.  For those working outdoors, a cap is a really useful item all year round.  It makes perfect sense for businesses to buy branded caps for outdoor employees. It helps to present a uniformed business image and provides an advertising opportunity.  A cap is also a useful piece of kit that provides protection against the wind, rain and sun. 

Many of our customers work in education.  Within schools and universities there are many different groups, courses, year groups, sports teams and houses.  Having customised caps for different groups is a great way to promote group ethos and positive team identities.

Some groups are simply keen for their members to wear or display something to identify their group membership. Caps are ideal for this purpose as they fit most people and can be easily customised with printing or embroidery.  Plus they come in a wide variety of colours making it simple to co-ordinate with existing colours and preferences.  

Why is it important for group members to be seen as part of their group? Being a member of a group can involve much more than just the main activity of that group.  Membership is something that we humans are drawn to, perhaps because we enjoy the sense of belonging that comes with being part of a bigger unit.  Let's use a running club for an example - new members join the group and see that the other members are wearing club baseball caps.  Some of them probably wear their team caps outside running club too - because they are proud of being part of this fun, healthy group. They like being associated with the running club, not just because of the actual running, but maybe because they see it as a positive life choice and they enjoy spending time with other like-minded people.  They are happy to display this aspect of themselves in public and so are glad to have something to wear with the club logo on it.  This is a win-win for both the group and it's members. The members are happy to wear the branded caps and the club benefits from free on-going advertising in the local area.  New members find that by wearing their cap they instantly look and feel they belong to their new group. No-one knows if it's their first session or their 50th.  

Branded caps are also a great way to raise club funds.  Their low unit cost means they can be sold to group members for a slightly higher price, with all profits going to the club.

Caps are such simple products and yet they can have a powerful effect on the wearer.  As we put on a branded cap we alter our image and present this new part of our identity to the outside world.

There is a well recognised psychological phenomenon called in-group bias.  This involves group members being more likely to perceive each other more positively and see more similarities between themselves and other members of their group.  The flip-side is that people are more likely to perceive differences between themselves and non-members.  It is this perception that encourages us to behave and even try to look like the rest of our team or group, whatever that group may be. This may help to explain the worldwide popularity of branded clothing and headgear and how these items helps to reinforce such feelings of belonging.  

But how does this translate into a benefit for the group as a whole?  One benefit is that individuals are more likely to work or play harder for a team they really identify with and feel they belong to.  So if you want to encourage your members, staff or students then investing in a branded cap might be just the thing you need....