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Custom Truckers Caps 3803 Spotlight

These royal blue printed custom truckers caps were produced for the Farmer’s Guide Magazine .  Farmers Guide is a monthly magazine for the farming  & agricultural  sector.  They wanted some branded baseball caps for shows and events. After we discussed their requirements they chose these fantastic royal blue trucker caps, as well as printed T shirts and printed air fresheners. We customised their trucker caps with a one colour print, in bright yellow. This stands out really well, and is also easy to read. Merchandise caps are a great way to get lots of extra exposure for your business!

Customised branded goods are a great way for businesses to connect with their customers. Adding a logo to a custom hat provides instant promotion for your business. These is ideal for outside shows and events because people will wear their custom cap all day!

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Printed caps are a fantastic way to get your message or brand out there. Your Logo will be walking around advertising your brand, all day long!  

Greg Goulding at www.farmersguide.co.uk had this to say…

“We wanted something a bit different, so Steve came up with some ideas and did all the design work in no time. With a show only a couple of weeks away the order was rushed through and everything arrived quickly. The freebies went down so well at an agricultural show, and they make brilliant gifts for clients too!” 

Custom Truckers Mesh Caps

The 3803 custom trucker caps have fast become one of our bestselling trucker caps.  These custom baseball caps come in over 20 colours, and are all fully personalisable with a transfer print.  The Farmer’s Guide magazine used their custom trucker caps at a Farmer’s show, alongside other promotional products. This is a great way to achieve maximum exposure. It’s always advisable to have a range of promotional products because it increases the number of people you can give them to.  

Custom embroidered and printed caps have really made their mark in the promotional industry in recent years. In fact custom caps are now one of the best-selling branded products.  Branded baseball caps are considered a premium product, whether it be as a free gift, or in the retail clothing sector.  Our customers range from local sports teams, to multi-national corporations. 

 A printed or embroidered merchandise cap is a fantastic generic product that transcends traditional boundaries like age/gender/occupation.  Anyone can wear a personalised baseball cap. If you hand out custom truckers caps at a trade show or business event, they’ll go down fantastically well. Within moments your brand will be ‘walking’ around showing itself off for many days, months and years to come.

Big thanks to Farmers Guide for your positive feedback about your custom truckers caps. We really look forward to working with you guys again soon…


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