Embroidery and Printing on Caps

Embroidery or Print on My Custom Hats?

At Promocaps, we love both embroidery & printing on caps.  Embroidery provides a traditional quality, whereas printed logos can be seen as a modern alternative to embroidered custom baseball caps.

For Beanies we always recommend embroidering your design as this works much better with the material of the beanie hats. 

We particularly enjoy seeing the sheen of embroidered stitches, and the top quality branding they produce. An embroidered logo really stands out! Embroidery is the traditional branding method for baseball caps and gives a real premium look. It’s the ‘go-to’ way of adding logos to a structured product like a baseball cap, and also to knitted garments like beanies.

Who is your Target Audience for your Custom Caps?

Before deciding on your custom baseball cap style and branding it’s a good idea to consider your target audience.  Street style caps are great for younger customers, whereas a traditional baseball cap can be better for a wider audience.  For unisex styles, our casual unstructured dad caps are ideal as they suit all ages and styles. Tell us what you have in mind and we can help you find the right hats for your business brand. 

Best Options for Printing 

If your logo is intricate or very small then printing will probably be the best option. Printing is also a great option for full colour designs. Our foam fronted trucker caps are a great choice for printing. 

For printing, a 4 or 5 panel cap will give you the best possible result. These custom baseball caps allow for a smooth print across the front because they don’t have a front centre stitched seam. We always recommend these 4/5 panel caps for printing. 

If your heart is set on one of our 6 panel caps, but still want your logo printed, we can do this. However, you should be aware that the printing may go over the centre stitched seam. This will look fine to start with, but any misuse of the cap such as folding or crushing could result in the print ‘cracking’ over the seam.  

Will my Embroidery look the same as my Design on Screen?

We will always match our embroidery stitching as closely as possible to your artwork file. Please be aware that embroidery is always an ‘interpretation’ of the artwork provided and will never be an exact copy.

Stitching has a texture and is 3D in nature, so it never looks the same as a flat picture.  Whilst it isn’t possible to duplicate 2d artwork exactly, our extremely talented and dedicated embroiderers will produce fantastic embroidered caps for your brand.  This is why our customers come back to us again and again! We love embroidery and printing on caps and with our many years of experience your design is safe in our hands!  

Small Letters 

5-6mm high letters are the smallest we recommend for embroidery.  


Complicated Designs

 Simple designs are best for embroidered caps. The more complicated your design, the harder it will be for us to make it look good on your cap.  


Photographic Images 

It’s impossible to reproduce a photograph as embroidery so we don’t offer this service at PromoCaps. Please use our cap designer tool to produce your design or upload your artwork file via our website. You can also email your design direct to us at sales@promocaps.co.uk.  Please don’t send photographic images as we can’t embroider these:-)

The Artwork Process

Our studio team love creating artwork, and are always happy to assist and advise. If you have a jpeg that needs re-drawing please send it to us. Or if you have an idea of what you want, you can also describe it to us. Maybe you have some text and thoughts about the font and size – please tell us all about it. We will help you create what you have in mind and we are also happy to give you some ideas if you prefer. There is never any pressure to buy – we are always more than happy to help you work out what’s best for you. We always aim for our clients to be 100% satisfied with our service.

Artwork Ready – Vector Formatting

Before moving to production we will re-create your artwork into a what’s called a ‘vector’ format. This gets it ready for the branding process. 

What is an Embroidery Stitch Count and Will this affect the price of my Custom Caps?

Your newly vectorised logo will be used to produce a final stitch count for your embroidery. This is a count of the number of actual stitches that are needed to reproduce your logo as an embroidered version of your design. It is this number of stitches that determines the final price of your custom caps.  This is simple because the more stitches, the longer the embroidery process will then take for each cap.  We always aim to provide an accurate stitch count and price within an hour of receiving your design:-)

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