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Printed, Branded, Embroidered Caps

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The home of embroidered and printed headwear for over 15 years….

We just love baseball caps. Branded caps have long lasting appeal and are suitable for people of all ages, in all kinds of places.   Imagine a person wearing a branded baseball cap - this could be anyone of any age, at work, inside, outside, playing sports, supporting a sports team, in a school or college, or at work.  Customised caps are worn on the sports field, beach, tennis court, in schools and workplaces, in town, at sports events, in the armed forces, and even in the office.

Embroidered or printed team caps are essential if you want your members to look and feel like a real team. Embroidered caps are also great for team supporters and will be snapped up at local events if you sell them to raise money for your club.  If you're involved with a sports team, hobby club, working group, business initiative or educational course, it's really worth having your own embroidered or printed customised caps.  Your customised caps can display your logo, any sponsorship details etc..  and help to enhance your group ethos.  

One of the quickest ways to display a team's identity is for all the members to wear something in the same colour.  The easiest and often cheapest way to achieve this is to give out or sell your own printed or embroidered caps.  We can supply plain baseball caps without any branding if you just need the cap colour to match your kit, and sometimes this is the best option if you need your team caps fast! If you have a few more days until your event, we can produce and dispatch your branded caps, embroidered or printed with your team logo in just 7-8 working days.

Customised caps also work really well within the business environment.  If your staff wear a uniform, a branded uniform cap can add the finished touch to their appearance. Branded caps look smart and professional, and make it easy for members of the public to identify your staff members. Our branded caps are also perfect for businesses to supply to staff for away days, team building events, informal office environments and for staff that work out-and-about in the community. If your personnel are wearing branded, embroidered or printed custom caps they will look the part, be protected against the elements all year round, and be helping to increase brand awareness for your business.

Embroidered or printed caps are one of the best ways to achieve longevity of promotion. If you want this year's budget to keep working for you next year and in years to come, you won't find anything better than a branded, customised cap. For one simple reason - the most successful promotional products are those that people hold on to.  If your businesses gives out customised caps, we guarantee your customers will keep them, and more importantly they'll wear them.  Everyone loves a free gift and everyone loves baseball caps.  Research shows that customers really enjoy receiving promotional business gifts, and they remember businesses that gave them something for free.  

Customised baseball caps look amazing, they're really practical and they are suitable for people of all ages.  Not many customised products can say tick all these boxes.  Promotional caps are one of the best inventions for the promotional market.   If you want to invest in one branded or promotional product this year, then we know we're biased, but we really would advise that you make it a customised cap.  With our minimum supply quantity at just 50 customised caps, we supply a large number of small businesses nationwide.  Our customers love their caps and we enjoy receiving lots of positive feedback from our happy customers.  So many customers re-order their caps so we must be doing something right. There is something truly special about receiving a personalised cap with your own design or logo embroidered or printed on it.  We've been doing this for years and we still find it exciting!

We supply many sports teams, particularly cricket teams, with embroidered caps.  Other customers include many schools buying uniform caps, and businesses who buy embroidered caps to give out at large events both in the UK and across Europe.  We have also supplied large numbers of caps to charities, who have given out their own customised caps to staff and supporters worldwide.

If you're still unsure whether branded, personalised caps are right for you, we are always happy to send out plain samples - we're confident that you'll love our custom caps, beanies and hats as much as we do. And once we've customised your caps with your logo we promise you'll love them even more!

All our caps, beanies and hats are also available as plain stock items if you prefer not to have them branded.  This is sometimes a good option if you're in a rush as plain stock orders can usually be dispatched the same day.  Please ask us for plain stock prices if you would like to consider this option as the prices on our product pages are for embroidered and printed options.

In the meantime thanks so much for visiting our site, and please do get in touch if you have any questions, no matter how big or small…..

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4199 Brushed Heavy Cotton Branded Caps

4199 Brushed Heavy Cotton Branded Caps
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4244 Rolled Down Acrylic Branded Beanies

4244 Rolled Down Acrylic Branded Beanies
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4168 Washed Chino Twill Branded Caps
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4243 Acrylic Branded Beanies

4243 Acrylic Branded Beanies
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4237 Water Resistant Polynosic Branded Baseball Caps

4237 Water Resistant Polynosic Branded Baseball Caps
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4106 Snap Back Premium American Twill Branded Caps
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