Custom Bucket Hats – embroidered or printed with your Logo & Design. Great for events and fashion brands. Bucket Hats are seriously on-trend for this year!  The custom bucket hat has made a resurgence during the past year or so.  Last year teens and youths were spotted wearing bucket hats at all the major summer festivals and events. If your business wants to appeal to young people then embroidered bucket hats are a great choice.

Why are bucket hats so popular again?  Well to be honest they never went out of style, but for the ultra fashion conscious the baseball hat and street style caps were more popular in recent years.  But now bucket hats are back!

Printed hats are a fantastic alternative to printed tees and printed clothing. Hats are much easier to manage because they come in one size mostly, or at the very most standard and large.  This makes it simpler and cheaper because you can choose one hat style and that’s your custom hats sorted.

Custom bucket hats are perfect for the summer because they provide extra protection from the sun. They are especially popular for children because of this and we do lots of custom bucket hats for nurseries in particular.

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