Embroidery or Print?

At promocaps, we love cap embroidery and in our opinion embroidery exudes a quality that printing just cannot match. We will always recommend embroidering on caps where we can.

However, there are times when only printing will do. If a logo is intricate and/or very small, or a full colour design is required then a printed cap can be the best choice. We will always be honest with you about the best branding option for you.  The final choice is yours, of course, but we will be there to advise you throughout the process.  We will consult with you along the way, and only proceed to production once you are completely happy with the branding decision for your caps.

Best Cap Styles for Printing

For printed caps, a 4 or 5 panel cap will give you the best possible printed result. These caps don’t have a front centre seam, and so allow for a smooth print across the front.  We always recommend these 4/5 panel caps for printed designs. 

If you’ve got your heart set on one of our 6 panel caps, it is still possible to choose a printed finish.  However, we must tell you that this does involve printing right over the centre stitched seam.  Whilst this should look fine to start with, any misuse of the cap such as folding or crushing can result in the print ‘cracking’ over the seam.  Printing over the centre stitched seam can leave your print vulnerable to this kind of cracking, so this is something to consider as you look at your branding options. 

, Should I Embroider or Print?

Will the Embroidery Look the Same As My Original Artwork

We will always match our embroidery as closely as possible to your artwork file. But please be aware that all embroidery is an ‘interpretation’ of the artwork provided and can never be an exact copy.

Stitching has a texture and is 3D in nature, so it doesn’t look the same as a flat picture.  Whilst it isn’t possible to duplicate 2d artwork exactly, we are lucky enough to have extremely talented and dedicated embroiderers who always produce embroidery of the best and highest quality.  Our embroiderers know this process inside out and have countless years of experience in this industry – your design is safe in our hands!  If you have a look at the pictures below you can see how your artwork might look if embroidered or printed. 

Artwork Process

Our studio team love creating artwork, and are always happy to assist and advise. If you have a jpeg that needs re-drawing please send it to us. If you have an idea of what you want, you can describe it to us. If you have some text and thoughts about the font and size, please tell us. We will help you create what you have in mind or give you some ideas if you prefer. This service is always free of charge at Promocaps and we will keep working for you until you are 100% happy!

Artwork Ready – Vector Formatting

Before we can go to production we will need to re-create all artwork into a what’s called a ‘vector’ format. Once in this format your artwork is is ready for either embroidery or printing.

Embroidery Stitch Count & Pricing

For embroidery customers, your newly vectorised logo will be placed in a queue for a stitch count. The number of stitches required determines the final price of the embroidery. We will be in touch with an accurate stitch count and final price quotation for you as soon as possible – this is usually within the hour.

, Should I Embroider or Print?

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